Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tour Round up

This tour exceeded our expectations. It was a busy tour, with a lot of early mornings, but we got to see all the main sights in 8 days, so it was well worth getting up early. My favourite part of the tour was definitely the Nile cruise, I’d have loved an extra day on the Nile.

Our tour group a.k.a Mashi Mashi

Where our tour took us:

The only negative in my opinion is that we didn’t get to know our tour-mates really well. We met a couple of very nice people and I’d have liked more time to chat to them. Part of the problem was obviously that this was a fairly short tour and also, we had to sit at the same table with the same people at every meal on the cruise, which made sense logistically, but it meant that we didn’t get a chance to chat to different people. We also didn’t have seat rotation on the bus – I enjoyed the seat rotation on the European tour as it meant that we got to chat to different people everyday while travelling.

Egypt was amazing. The mind just boggles at the fact that some of the buildings we saw have been around for more than 4000 years. Yes, the vendors are a pain and the tipping gets you down a bit, and we won’t mention the toilets, but it is all SO worth it in light of what you are seeing and the places you are visiting. I’d recommend this tour 100%

Cairo: * Ramses Hilton (3 nights) * Concorde El Salam Hotel

Nile Cruise: * MS Sapphire

Alexandria: * Helnan Palestine Hotel

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