Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This morning Grant, Paulzi and Dad went off at 7:30am to fly to Abu Simbel.

Rox and I relished a little lie in and then went and had a very leisurely breakfast. The pastries were particularly yummy, so we had a few….oink, oink!

We decided to take a walk along the wharf, to try to rid ourselves of the pastry guilt. We found the internet café someone had mentioned to us and logged on for a little while. We strolled around for a bit and then went back to our boat and up to the pool deck.

We had a lovely lazy morning, watching life on the Nile.  We also spent some time chatting with one of our tour-mates, Jose, who lives in New York. A really nice chap.

We had lunch and then the others arrived back. Seems like Abu Simbel was absolutely wonderful.

This afternoon our boat set off for Kom Ombo. It is so lovely to sit on the pool deck as we sail along the Nile, sipping on a delicious cocktail called “Egyptian Mist”.

We also sampled the local brew and found it to be very good.  Sakara was my beverage of choice.

What I loved about the cruise is that there is always something to see on the banks.  People working on their plots, donkeys or camels grazing, quaint little homes.  All along the way there was lovely green scenery with the desert a little further back.

When we docked at Kom Ombo we walked the short distance to the temple.

All the temples had some sort of market nearby

This temple has the most beautiful frieze on one of the walls. By the time we got there it was dusk and the frieze was lit up, it looked really beautiful.

It was very atmospheric in the temple in the twilight.

After supper it was time for the Galabea Party. We had bought galabeas during the day at the little shop on board the boat. Those of us who wanted to, gathered in the lounge for the party. The staff on board the boat played traditional instruments and danced in a conga, hauling passengers up to join them, soon everyone was joining in. Wael and the other tour guide organised various games. It was a lot of fun.

In front is Wael, our tour director

Tonight as we sleep we will be sailing to Edfu. 

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